Automatic Sliding Doors


The reliable quality of Vector sliding doors optimizes barrier-free access from one room to the other. Vector sliding doors are distinguished by their innovation and attractive effect. Vector sliding doors respond to any architectural requirement, not only in size and design, but also where functions are highly considered.


Standard Doors

They are composed of two sliding leaves that ensure and guarantee a continuous flow. The sensory system of the Vector sliding doors detects any nearby movement of the door and allows a high traffic of users. Currently there are 2 models of Vector sliding doors available: The SLX model, Single Sliding Door and the ETM model sliding door.

Telescopic Doors

Thanks to the telescopic wings, greater width can be obtained in corridors or structural situations where lateral space is limited. Four-wing telescopic sliding doors suitable for large door widths and two-wing telescopic sliding doors can be opened to the left or right and are an excellent choice for narrow spaces such as entrances and exits in shopping malls, administrative buildings, hospitals, train stations, airports, pharmaceutical and food stores, etc.

Sliding doors for narrow access

Vector sliding doors can move to the left or to the right as needed, offering high comfort for accesses where space is not ideal for a wider door. Thanks to its compact and elegant models, it is suitable for interior applications.

Hermetic Doors

An excellent option to maintain clean and controlled environments. Automatic doors must meet the most stringent quality and safety requirements, our systems are developed in accordance with these requirements and according to current regulations, certified by organizations in the field. They are used in areas requiring maximum hygiene (operating rooms, laboratories, pharmaceutical or food industry facilities).

Technical Characteristics
  • Opening/closing speed 0.03 - 0.8 m/s
  • Connection 115 V A.C., 60 Hz (220v possible)
  • Power consumption 280 W
  • Limits of automatism
  • Clearance width 800 - 2000 mm
  • Optimum clearance height 2100, Possible: up to 2400 mm
  • Maximum panel weight 150 kg
  • Option of 1, 2 or 3mm lead coating.
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