Industrial Doors

Ideal for commerce and industry

Large and heavy duty doors, conventionally used in installations where sufficient space is needed to access and efficiently. We have different models that adapt to the needs of the installation, without neglecting quality and durability.


Fast Industrial Door

Maximum safety performance opening 1 meter per second (1m./sec.), these doors are ideal for forklift traffic and other types of vehicles, composed with heavy duty side guides and automatic reinsertion of the panel in case of accident accompanied by impact sensors and photocells included. Designed for installation in the presence of air currents.

Industrial Sectional Door

Manufactured in 2-layer steel with polyurethane filling for a long service life, it has insulated panels with heights of 18", 21" and 24" by means of polyurethane. With a higher degree of temperature insulation, thanks to its thermal insulation factor R16-2: resists the passage of external heat, in addition to not allowing heat transfer, maintaining the internal temperature longer. Made with materials such as hinges and brackets made of galvanized steel and slices made of nylon.

Impact Door

Designed for heavy duty use in self-service stores, restaurants, department stores and refrigerated environments helping to save energy in temperature conservation. Made with high impact resistant "Bumpers", as well as high resistance metallic finishes and hardware. Construction in wood, galvanized steel, aluminum and a wide variety of colors to choose from.

Refrigerator Door

Sliding door to be used in medium and low temperature down to -32 ° C. With manual or automatic operation according to your preference. Thermal excellence, insulation and heavy duty, built with 100% sanitary materials under DAN-Doors specification (Denmark), with materials such as monolithic polyurethane (40 Kg/m3) and galvanized steel. Ideal for use in food grade processing plants, supermarkets, cold storage, fishing industry, etc.

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