Revolving Doors

Attractive and spacious accesses, specialized in flow control or reception area as the case may be.


Semicircular doors

Even in cases where space is limited, the semicircular shape allows you to create an attractive and spacious reception area. The installation of a semicircular door with SRM sliding doors will add an elegant touch to your entrance, allowing your facility greater transparency and attractiveness. A wide selection of different radius, concave and convex versions offers you complete freedom in design. Due to the virtually silent operation, there will be no disturbance caused by noise.

Technical Characteristics
  • Speed ​​0.5-0.7 m / s
  • Connection 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 13-A
  • Power consumption 200 W
  • Limits of automation
  • Diameter 1000 mm - 2000 mm
  • Clearance 1200mm - 2500 mm
  • Maximum weight 150kg per leaf
  • Revolving doors

    With a wide range of design possibilities and a highly developed drive with control technology, these revolving doors are available in manual or automatic drive versions. They are individually manufactured according to customer requirements with a diameter of up to 3,700 mm. The doors include all relevant safety elements to ensure perfect operation.

    Technical characteristics
  • Adjustable speed up to 1 to 4 rpm
  • Connection 230 V, 50 Hz.
  • Manual or Automatic Operation
  • Limits of the automation
  • Outside diameter 1800 mm - 3700 mm
  • Maximum passage height 2500 mm
  • Number of sheets 3 or 4
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